Art of Code: REGenerate

So this is how things happen at the Grove.

Elinor Slomba of Arts Interstices approached Brian Monahan of Monahan Design regarding a plan to pull together Generative Artists from multiple locations and bring their work to the Grove.  These are no ordinary artists, and some don’t even have the word Artist after their name usually.  Some are developers, others musicians, teachers and scientists.

We asked Elinor her take on the partnership.  Here’s what she had to say, “Coders and technologists have different attitudes about creativity and making than traditionally trained fine artists. When Brian Monahan moved down from Bangor, Maine and joined the Grove, the things he was into synced up with some works-in-progress Mike Romano, a writer, and I had been discussing. We then invited others to contribute their ideas.  The response was dazzling.  I’m very proud of the cross-sector intelligence which seems to be particularly rich in New Haven.”

With four floors of media, including facial tracking, generative music, 3D printing, and much more, this promises to be a visually and auditorily exciting

As Brian Monahan says, “There’s something for everyone whether first time you’ve seen something generated from code, or 100th time.”