The Grove has been spearheading the coworking movement in Connecticut since 2010. With over 125 members working in a diverse array of sectors it is an incredibly dynamic community of independents, startups, nonprofits, and social enterprises.

As a place to work, The Grover offers an exciting atmosphere combined with an entrepreneurial spirit. Employees at The Grove are given a great deal of autonomy over their responsibilities and are asked to be continually collaborative and innovative. We seek to create amazing experiences for our members through events, dialogues, games, and anything else you think will build community and inspire innovation.

We’re currently seeking to fill the following positions:



Community Curator

The Grove is looking for an collaborative, organized, self-motivated individual to bring value to our members through hospitality, making connections, and hosting events. You will be leading and supporting the Community Animation Team as well as curating the experience people have when they walk into The Grove.

You need: solid communication skills, self-starter with git her done superior organizational skills, a strong customer-service orientation, to be comfortable trouble shooting tech challenges, a positive attitude and the muscles (seriously) to lift and move furniture. Together with community animation team, you will be choreographing the social and physical environment of The Grove.

The ideal candidate will be available to work 9:00am-3:00pm daily, but we are open to discussing your schedule needs.

  • Work with the Director of Culture to coordinate the Work Exchange Community Animators to make sure our members and guests have all they need to be able to work efficiently. More specifically:
    • Greet everyone into our space with a smile and hello
    • Answering incoming Grove inquiries. (Phone, Email and In Person)
    • Share The Grove mission with members and interested newcomers
    • Keeping the physical space super organized and clean
    • Sort and file incoming member mail
    • Prep meeting rooms so members and the public get the best from us
    • Checking to make sure supplies (paper, tea etc.) are stocked
    • Help troubleshoot any technical challenges members may experience
  • Onboard new members and help them get familiar with the space, culture, and community of The Grove.
  • Field member questions, get to know them and help them connect to other members.
  • Build The Grove culture and community by supporting members in self-organizing events and attending member events as much as possible.
  • Curate, promote, and support The Grove team and member events.
  • Be active and stimulate conversation on The Grove’s Slack and Facebook Group.
Experience and Requirements
  • Must have strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Exceptional organizational and multitasking skills
  • Proficient in Basic Computer Skills
  • College graduate with a four year degree preferred but not required
  • Customer Service and/or sales experience is a plus
Plus other duties as required.

This position offers the right candidate an excellent opportunity to be part of something incredible, meet tons of amazing people and apply your skills to positive social change throughout the city.

We are an equal opportunity employer and strongly support applications from diverse backgrounds and communities.

All submissions submitted on or before November 27, 2017 will be considered.

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Community Animator – Work Exchange Program

Join The Grove, Connecticut’s largest and most dynamic coworking spaces, as a Work Exchange Community Animator. So, what’s a Community Animator? Well, it’s the shiny happy face that people see when they walk into The Grove that says…”Welcome to The Grove!!” That’s not all a Community Animator is though, it’s also the person who is a master at connecting people, excels in customer service, is organized, tech-savy, and can problem solve on the fly. A Community Animator is a barista of collaboration and customer experience.

What’s the WECA program?

The Work Exchange Community Animator program trades time for space. You give us 1 day (approximately 10 hours) of your time per week for 6 months where you work at the Front Desk from 8:30am to 5:30pm on any weekday. In exchange, we give you unlimited access to coworking space, membership in our dynamic community, and all the other benefits of The Grove!

This is an incredible opportunity for entrepreneurs, startup nonprofits, and innovators in need of workspace. It’s also great for anyone wanting to learn about innovative workspaces by immersing him or herself in it. This is a huge opportunity to network with dozens of people, make connections, and collaborate with others. Who knows being a Community Animator could…and probably will take your work to the next level.

WECA responsibilities:

Provide exceptional customer service while efficiently and gracefully handling whatever comes your way when you’re hosting.

Specifically, you will:

  •  Run the Front Desk – Welcome every visitor to The Grove with enthusiasm and energy. Handle in-person inquiries, manage and book meeting rooms, keep an eye on office supplies making sure we’re always ready for anything!
  • Be a Host – Be The Grove’s biggest fan; take visitors on mini-tours of the space, tell everyone why they should work here, help organize and participate in community events.
  • Clean and Tidy! – What more is there to say? Maintain a spotless space ensuring everyone’s experience at The Grove is awesome. That means getting your hands dirty!
  • Increase Efficiency – Suggest new work practices and processes to improve The Grove.
  • Offer IT Support – support members using our photocopiers, printers, audio visual equipment, and other equipment.
  • ??? – Who knows? Whatever else you can think of that will support our operations and our community?

If the above list sounds like something you can handle, and you can do it all with sincerity, care, fun, and goodwill, then we want you!

This is a work exchange, but just so you know, we expect professionalism and we want to know you’re committed. We’re looking for a reliable six-month commitment!

You must also have a great sense of humor. Seriously, you will need a great sense of humor because inevitably something will go wrong.


Once being accepted for the position you will be expected to be prompt and on-time, to dress in a business casual manner or in a way that is presentable to potential members and other notable people e.g., the Mayor, Senators, Congress-persons, potential donors/investors…because these people do drop in at The Grove. You’ll be required to go through a half day workshop to get familiar with our systems and understand best practices.
We are currently seeking 3 – 5 individuals for the WECA program.
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