Social Media Sync – Designing your Online Community

Elinor Slomba is one-half of Collaboration Superpowers, the remote marketing arm of  Her partner, Lisette Sutherland, is an expert on building online communities.  Together they are helping clients identify, grow and serve new audiences.  Elinor will walk through some of the tools they use to help clients navigate the complexity of remote teamwork and community-building.

Social Media Sync is serving up hot coffee, pancakes, and innovative ideas. Wake up and meet up with the Twittersphere, FourSquare, bloggers, and Facebook friends in the Greater New Haven Community to discuss innovative ways social media is being used to grow businesses, develop communities, and create social change. Each week we will feature a different social media professional to speak about how they are using social media in new ways. Social Media Sync is a great way to network, connect, and learn.