Purpose & Painting

Friday, June 12, Dr. Ivan Tirado and Elinor Slomba will present Painting Party!, a BYOB Evening of Relaxing, Creative Fun at The Grove from 6:30-9:00pm.  Recently they were both invited to share their views as creative entrepreneurs.  Here is a recap of the original interview with Zef Zen and her team at Creative Chat Cafe:  http://www.entrepreneursthatsoar.com/blog/using-art-and-culture-in-the-entrepreneurial-world-to-optimize-business-endeavors


Ivan Tirado on his teaching approach: My favorite theory in education is social cognitive theory for the fact that we are not born in isolation and we don’t learn in isolation. We learn in society.


You cannot let what other people told you define you and what you think of yourself. I learned this working with a student who had disabilities. Art was the tool that afforded us a breakthrough to seeing what he could do, and he became an excellent artist!  Ever since I’ve been interested in learning psychology and mixing with art.


One of the things that I attempt to understand is how being aware of environmental responses can help you develop and what you’re going to become. When I was 4, I wanted to be a  serious Oscar-worthy drama actor…so I had my first chance as one of the wise men for the school play for Christmas. I practiced, got into character and I’m ready. And I go up there, and I forget my lines…and people started laughing.


So I had to make a switch in my mind and go, “well, maybe I cannot be an actor, but I can be a comedian.” Which led to me to start doing comedy for many years in school and when I went into college, I started working as a radio announcer. I started doing comedy on radio and end p doing stand up comedy for 14 years. So if we are not aware of the responses from the environment, we might misinterpret what is going on. And in many cases, that’s what happens to people. They are not aware of those environmental responses and they try to follow a path that is not theirs. However, this can be an opportunity to discover something else.


Ivan on positive mindset: This starts way before you are born because the baby can perceive the environmental response. The baby can tell if he is accepted or not even before he is out. Then when he is out, there is a direct contact with this environment and he can perceive that support; he can perceive the love. And interestingly, for many of us, the welcome that we got to this world was a smack in the butt…I have seen people at the sculpting and painting parties that we host go from “I can’t do it” to “I made it myself.”

Elinor Slomba on why she founded Arts Interstices: My background is in arts management and I’m interested in how arts and culture can strengthen and empower groups, how groups can find sustenance and meaning by working directly with artists. My services make it easier for groups to tap into artists’ intelligence, their ways of working and their models.


Right after college, I got into arts administration and for about 15 years, I did grant writing and fundraising in pretty traditional ways. Cultivating relationships with foundations, government funders…and inside those organizations I functioned mostly as a facilitator trying to bring the right people into the conversations…so all those pieces will line up correctly. What I found was that across many media, people were stressed and there was competition between fewer resources…it started to feel like fighting for crumbs. I thought: I rather build bakeries!

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Join the party by signing up for Painting on Friday June 12 or Sculpture on Friday, July 10 . Grove Members (and their Families & Significant Others) receive special discounts!