RE: All Things Collaborative

photo-5As a kid, I had the privilege of watching Sesame Street during the good old days of puppetry. Before digital editing was available to animate Grover as he taught lessons in opposites or spelling, my imagination edited out the thin black sticks moving his arms about and never questioned the absence of ears. (Why would I? He could hear me perfectly when I shouted out answers from my living room.) I soaked up every colorful, humorous lesson.

Words like cooperation and teamwork have tunes that echo in my mind to this day. (If you catch me at the right moment, I may sing them for you.) I’m used to the bigger picture of working together towards a common goal or task. There is a big picture, we all get assigned roles and cooperate to get it all done. Like the well orchestrated spelling lessons with Grover, the letters H, O and T get pushed together until the fiery answer of “HOT! HOT! HOT!” gets shouted at the screen in gleeful realization.

The lessons of letters brought the values of teamwork to life. As I re.think these principles in my adult life, I realize how collaboration and coworking need these same values to succeed. In an effort to re.vive these roots over the next couple months, I’d like to offer a variety of prefixes and invite you to bring your words to the table.

Let’s unravel the coming seasons with a co.operation of words and ideas that bring about new definitions for the road ahead. Let’s take creating to the next level and co.create with what’s going on around us. For the next couple weeks, I’m offering the prefix “Re:” to begin the discussion and transform words like imagine, play and use. Let’s re.imagine our words together, shall we? Let’s see what values, practices and ideas are re.born in our collaboration.

We’re launching a whole new string of Workbenches that springboard off of this prefix discussion. We’re bringing in new Experience Talks, upcoming series and special events to catapult us through the year too. Our goal? To grow on the cutting edge of collaboration and cultivate a narrative of our journey together.

This week, come join our Director of Innovation, David, on Thursday, April 17th for the WorkBench: Re.Play, as he unleashes the physics of music and the experience of sound.