The Monday Man: EN.LIST (Grove Studios Edition)

Today’s post is a very special one. I am excited to announce the launch of The Grove Studios on 71 Orange Street. Formerly the space of the Grove, Kevin Ewing and Co. decided to transform it into a creative space to tell your stories. Whereas the Grove is a space designed to foster dreams, the Grove Studios is a place to tell your story.

I encourage each of you to walk around the block (it’s only one block!) to our neighbors at the Grove Studios and check out the space. There is a Radio Studio, a TV Studio, Coworking Spaces, and Private Meeting Rooms.

The Grove Studios needs our support in its initial stages, so let’s provide strength in numbers from the Grove community. It is a no-brainer to EN.LIST in the Grove Studios and to support another Grover Venture.

Additionally, Grovers receive a discounted membership to Grove Studios. So go tell your story!

For more information, check out Better yet, walk on over to 71 Orange Street and say hello to Kevin.