The Monday Man: EN.SUE

Success. Do we even know what it means? I do not ask this in a philosophical manner, as to discuss our own individual interpretations of the concept, but rather in a linguistic manner: do we actually know what the word means?

In the year 2014, success seems to be synonymous with tangible representations of wealth, popularity or notoriety among the masses, or an accomplishment of a goal. However, I would argue that the word success has nothing to do with the former, and I have the evidence to prove my case. The Latin etymology of the word succeed is “succedere” which simply means to come after or to follow after. This stays consistent with the Late 14th Century Old French etymology of “succeder” which means to follow on. The Latin etymology of success is quite similar: “successus” meaning a result or an outcome.

So as you can see, we are quite off the mark. Success is not the achievement or attainment of an individual or collective goal. Success simply means that there is a next step. It doesn’t really matter what it is, per say, but simply that there is a next step. A result, an outcome, a follow-up, an ensuing event.

With that in mind, what will EN.SUE in the coming weeks for the Grove? After a raucous month of RE and a growth of many new initiatives and projects, how do we ensure success in the future?

It is easy: one step at a time.


The Monday Man


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