The Monday Man: RE.CAP

One of my favorite aspects of watching sports is the “recap” at the end of games. Even if I had been watching the entire game and know exactly what happened and why it happened, there is something reassuring about a summary or a recap. It allows us (fans, commentators, analysts, coaches, players) to first take a breath and soak in what we just witnessed, and then it enables us to study and understand before we fully  move on. This process, the “recap,” is the chance to debrief and to note the ending of one thing before it transforms or evolves into another.

So as our month of “RE” comes to a close, let us RE.CAP and appreciate where we have been so we can set our eyes on where we are going.

We began with the call to RE and the encouragement to reimagine our words as we explore coworking and collaboration. We then joined together to RE.PLAY, a Workbench that demonstrated the power of music and sound in our lives. Before RE.POSITIONing our ideas, a workbench which taught us how to make our ideas “Spectacular,” we were RE.MINDED to foster awareness and mindfulness in our space and the need for proper RE.COVERY before we take new action. As the seasons turned, we RE.JOICED in the blossoming of nature and the warmth of spring and learned that RE.GROWTH is quite simple. (A Workbench that demonstrated that all you need is an empty soda bottle, some string, a cork, a few minutes a week, and BOOM – you have your own mini-garden!)

Finally, we turn to RE.BRAND to transform the old into something new – a fitting finale to our month of “RE” and a perfect transition into our upcoming month of “EN,” a prefix rooted in action and involvement.



Happy Monday.



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