The Monday Man: RE.COVERY

Phew, what a weekend!

Bag-o at the Grove on Friday afternoon, Spring Haven event on Friday evening,  Free pizza and rides from Lyft on Friday night, Errands and meetings on Saturday morning, Artspace Gala volunteering on Saturday afternoon, Artspace Gala partying on Saturday night, Artspace Gala after-partying on Saturday late night, PopUp Market on Sunday Morning, Wooster Square Festival on Sunday Afternoon.

Yet, after all the parties and the new people and the adventures, there was no more needed activity than what I did all Sunday evening and Sunday night. Resting. Recovering. Recharging. Why do I bring this seemingly common sense activity to your attention? It is because this recovery time is crucial and needs to be factored into our days and our weeks, and provides the platform for new energy and action.

For me, recovery came in the form of napping and watching the NBA playoffs for the entirety of Sunday evening. Other times, it comes in the form of listening to a record or two, taking my younger brother the movies, or playing a game of cards with my mother. It is the pause between the notes of my life that allow for the full appreciation and engagement for the music of it all: people, places, and experiences.

I feel that the state of recovery is especially needed in the world of entrepreneurship – a lifestyle that often prioritizes action and movement over rest and stillness. Yet it is these moments of inaction that can provide the opportunities to RE.EXAMINE, RE.THINK and finally RE.POSITION. We all need to constantly reevaluate the practices of our life, as this is how the best practices emerge, and our RE.COVERY time gives us the chance to do so.

So, on this beautiful Monday morning, I ask you: how do you RE.COVER?



PHOTO CREDIT: My Edmonds News ( / CC BY 3.0