The Monday Man: RE.MINDER

We live in the age of the “Reminder” and the “Notification.” Our awareness is constantly being inundated with digital alerts from various sources: our calendar, our favorite news websites, our Facebook friends, our never-ending list of reminders.  But, do we as humans, have the ability to notify and remind each other?

So, in the spirit of our re-imagining of words, let us reimagine “reminder” together.

The word itself means to mind again. How wonderful! At its core, a reminder is literally an opportunity for us to take notice and to be mindful with ourselves and with each other. With this in mind, I think that this emphasis on mindfulness is key and has profound potential for our interaction with the word. So rather than looking at “reminders” with irritation and possible contempt, we can use them as moments for growth, mindfulness, and tranquility.

These opportunities are especially prevalent in our space at the Grove. The Grove is a special place filled with special people, and just like the embroidery above the kitchen sink reads: “Take care of yourself, take care of each other, take care of our space.” I urge us to live mindfully with each other and remind one another to do the simple things to take care of the space. Doing the dishes, picking up stray paper towels in the bathroom, turning the lights off – all practices that reflect an awareness and mindfulness of our actions and our community.

And when we each forget, as we will, we have the beautiful opportunity to re-mind.