The Monday Man (Tuesday Edition) EN.RICH

After a three day weekend, and especially a holiday weekend, the question on everyone’s minds is “what was the highlight of your weekend?”

Yes the weather was beautiful. Yes there was plenty of food and beverage. Yes the extra day off was wonderful. Yes to all things summer.

Yet, to me, it’s none of the above. The highlight was the great company and friendship.

I spent the entire weekend with one or several of the same people at various events and gatherings and the thread of laughter throughout the days was a joy to be a part of. We had a board game party on Friday night, a friendly yet competitive atmosphere where there were multiple games happening at once, all accompanied by a live soundtrack of excited yelling and stock-market eagerness. On Saturday, I ventured to the Wooster Square Farmer’s Market by myself and ran into a friend, and then proceeded to spend the day together with homemade grilled cheese (Bread from G Monkey, Cheese from Beaver Brook Farms, and Spring Garlic), lots of good conversation and connection, and homemade pizza. The next day, Sunday, four of us met for brunch and enjoyed a lazy morning/afternoon filled with jokes and freshly poured mimosas. And finally, on Memorial day, a few dozen of us gathered a friend’s house in Woodbridge and spent the day playing flag football, grilling, walking to a nearby lake, savoring refreshing drinks, and shooting a BB gun.

Needless to say, it was a blast. But why did I go into such detail regarding my weekend activities?  It is because the people and the company, and the adventures that followed, are the most EN.RICHing parts of my life. Each individual person and their uniqueness of being is an adventure in and of itself and to spend consistent time with each character provides for a continuous building of friendship. This development creates EN.GAGEMENT and a life filled with positive relationships and activity. The other qualities to the weekend were just as wonderful, but you could take them away in an instant if I had to choose between the two.

There is nothing like the enriching, soul-warming feeling of friendship.




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