View From the Desk

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Grovers who have been here for a while may recall that in the past this site included a regularly updated blog. Starting with this entry, that featured blog is being revived. Current plans are for entries twice a month.

At the moment, plans are to spotlight a member in one entry and provide information on happenings at The Grove, co-working, the greater New Haven community and other information that may be of interest to the Grove community on the other blog post.  Our first spotlighted member is  none other than  . . . Ms Christina Kane!

While you may already know what type of business a particular member is engaged in, you may not know much about that member as a person. Spotlight pieces will provide a glimpse into the less obvious side of that person sharing a power strip across the table with you.

I’ve chosen to call this blog View From the Desk because, as the current (sometimes not very animated) Thursday Animator I enjoy a unique overview of daily life at The Grove. One of my fantasies has been to bring in my academic gown, snazz it up with a lace collar a la Judge Judy and wear it while officiating over room reservations and issuing notices of Big Mail. Maybe even use the stapler as a gavel . . .

Which brings us to a few points: Please remember when reserving rooms for meetings or conference calls, not all the rooms have walls that reach the ceiling. Therefore, what you say may be heard outside that room. If you and your clients will be discussing delicate business matters it would be better to book a room with complete walls. Along with the Murtha Cullina Room in the Happiness Lab, there are also two smaller rooms that may provide more privacy. Similarly, if scheduling a meeting that you anticipate being somewhat raucous but where confidentiality won’t be an issue, consider meeting in the Clubhouse where others won’t be disturbed.

I hope you all have had a wonderful summer and am looking forward to throwing the spotlight on each of you and bringing you lots of interesting news in the months to come.